General Iron is committed to being a good neighbor

For more than 100 years, my family’s business, General Iron Industries, has provided a vital service: We process and recycle the Chicago area’s discarded metal products, including obsolete metal from demolition projects, automobiles, and kitchen appliances. While the need for our recycling service has grown, our neighborhood along the North Branch of the Chicago River has changed dramatically.

With our planned manufacturing district and most of our industrial neighbors gone, we will no longer fit amid the new development that will transform our surroundings. We get it, and because of that, we have entered into a strategic partnership that will be transitioning operations to a new site in 2020 and will create and preserve jobs in Chicago.

During the transition, we want to work with, not against, our current and future neighbors to address their concerns, and assure them that our business is utilizing – and continually striving for – the best in class environmental controls.

We understand that recycling the vast quantity of material that we process comes with a heightened level of responsibility to our current neighborhood, which we have proudly called home for more than a century. We are looking forward to having the same high standards applied in our new neighborhood.

To learn more, please read my commentary in the Chicago Tribune.

Adam Labkon

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