RMG: We are a recycler, not a polluter

Steve Joseph, RMG’s Chief Executive Officer, wrote a guest commentary separating fact from fiction about the company’s new Southeast Side recycling facility that was published Oct. 29, 2020, in The Chicago Tribune .

RMG, an established presence, is building an environmentally responsible metal recycling facility

Hal Tolin, RMG’s Chief Operating Officer, wrote a guest commentary on building the company’s new Southeast Side recycling facility that was published Sept. 23, 2020, in The Daily Line.

Illinois EPA Finds No Violations During May Inspection

Illinois EPA inspectors observed no apparent violations during a multi-media inspection of RMG’s GII, LLC,  metal recycling facility on May 13, 2020. Inspectors from the agency’s Bureau of Land and Bureau of Air conducted the site visit and observed no nuisance odors, dust, or litter outside the facility.

The inspectors toured the main yard where piles of separated metals are stored. They also went to the top of the facility’s metal shredder building to view the shredding process from above. The evaluation report noted that “it is virtually impossible for this material [non-metallic waste material or fluff] to become airborne and be blown off site by the wind.” The inspection determined compliance with Illinois law and regulations related to solid waste management.

RMG Statement Regarding Illinois EPA Permit For RMG’s New South Side Facility

The permit establishes that RMG has met all environmental requirements and the environmental controls and equipment at the new South Side facility will exceed those found at any other steel shredding operation in Illinois or the surrounding states. The permit imposes strict conditions that will ensure we keep our commitment to respect and protect air quality and public health.

As we told the IEPA, numerous comments opposing the permit were wildly false and lacked either a factual basis or scientific evidence. We are looking forward to commencing operations in early 2021 with the most technologically advanced facility available and bringing jobs and commerce to the Southeast Side, where RMG has operated and provided community support for nearly three decades.

Donations Pour Into RMG’s Neighborhood

RMG companies proudly support The Southeast Side of Chicago Food Pantry, located on our property. After helping them relocate to our East Side property over eight months ago, they are now able to serve over three times the number of families. NBC5 Chicago reported that a GoFundMe project has raised nearly $60,000 to provide food and baby supplies to East Side residents hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and recent civic unrest. We were pleased to greet Alderman Susan Sadlowski Garza (10th) and Alderman Michele Smith (43rd) and applaud their efforts to raise money and deliver groceries to support our neighborhood families. RMG’s affiliated company, GII, LLC, has owned and operated a metal facility recycling facility on the North Side since the fall of 2019, and we’re working hard to replace the north side facility with our new state of the art General III metal recycling facility on our 175 acres at 11600 South Burley Ave. We are East Side Strong!


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