GII, LLC is Committed to Sustainability

When metal products such as automobiles, appliances, and construction materials are discarded or become obsolete, responsible recycling supports the earth’s sustainability by conserving energy and natural resources while also protecting the environment. At GII, LLC, we understand the responsibility that accompanies recycling the vast amount of raw material that we handle, and we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our workers, suppliers, customers, and neighbors, as well as the environment. From our green roof to our air and water filtration systems to our daily operations, sustainability is at the core of who we are and what we do.

  • Sustainability

    We are committed to our employees, our neighbors, and our world.

  • 1Green Roof

    Our green roof not only contributes to air purification but lowers our demand for energy and reduces stormwater runoff and ambient temperatures.

    Green Roof
  • 2Water Filtration

    Water runoff is captured and filtered through our treatment system.

    Water Filtration
  • 3Air Filter

    We use a high-efficiency air filtration system to control metal and particulate matter emissions. Our shredder's PM emissions rate is less than three percent of our permitted limit.

    Air Filter
  • 4RTO

    We have invested over $2 million to install a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) to reduce VOC emissions, making us the first and only metal shredding facility in Chicago to use this technology.

  • 5Riverbank Barrier

    Our property includes a 26-inch high cement barrier with fencing that runs along the river. It does not allow stormwater to enter the river.

    Riverbank Barrier
  • 6Enclosed Shredder

    We were the first metal shredding facility in the country to install an enclosure around a mega shredder. This enclosure promotes safety and mitigates noise and dust.

    Enclosed Shredder
  • 7Inspectors

    We have a workforce of nine inspectors who examine all loads for unauthorized materials before they are received and shredded.

  • 8Suppliers

    All suppliers are registered with us and have a signed supplier agreement on file.

  • 9Auto Suppliers

    All suppliers who sell us end of life vehicles must be licensed with the Secretary of State and registered with industry vehicle title and information systems. We also require that all fluids and freon are drained and batteries are removed prior to delivery.

    Auto Suppliers
  • 10Automated Loading

    Our automatic barge loading system greatly reduces CO2 emissions by eliminating the need for trucks and other heavy mobile equipment. We estimate an annual savings of 70,000 gallons of diesel fuel and associated emissions.

    Automated Loading
  • 11Barges

    We transport a high volume of our finished goods by barge, which keeps more than 1,600 trucks off our roadways every month. This reduces CO2 emissions and neighborhood traffic congestion.

  • 12Water Misters

    Eight water misters, a street sweeper, and a water truck are used at our facility to mitigate dust.

    Water Misters
  • 13Separation Plant

    Our innovative metal separation technology makes us a national industry leader and allows for the highest recoveries and greatest reduction of waste to landfills.

    Separation Plant